​Third Gen Dreaming
For thirty plus years I have been hooked on automobiles.  My first car at the age of 16 was a 1970 Nova Super Sport.  The smell of burning tires and the roar of the engines put a smile on my face nobody could wipe away!  Weekends would find me at Bluegrass Dragstrip or Clay City Dragstrip.  Most of the time watching but sometimes I used to run F or G stock automatic.  Being my daily driver I did well to run high 12's low 13 quarter mile times.  Still have a couple of the old plastic tropheys down in the garage from those days. The old Nova was great right up until the time my daughter came along and the wife said  "It's not a family car!"  We settled down and priority was raising a child and providing for my family.  I loved working on cars and made a living for several years at local car dealerships. LR Cooke Chevrolet and Conrad Chevrolet. Then spent a few  years at Old Don Jacobs Oldsmobile.   Working for GM dealerships it made me partial to Chevrolets.  Not having the money for the ultimate GM product "Corvette" I quickly fell for the Camaro's.  There always seemed to be plenty of them and they were easy on the wallet.  My first Camaro was a carmine red 88 Camaro with a 305 TBI engine.  It was my daily driver for many years. Made many a trip to Myrtle Beach South Carolina for vacation.    Many more years went by and the 88 Camaro was parked in the back yard.  Engine removed to make room for a TPI 350 engine and rebuilt 7009R4 tranny.  The sun took its toll on the clear coat and the body developed a few rust spots.  I spent a couple of years rebuilding my dream engine for the 88 Camaro.      Below are some pictures of the finished engine.